The Parish Council has responsibility for the 8 parks that are located in the village. In total these parks provide 43 acres of public open space for use of the residents. Two of the parks are used to provide 12 football pitches for local teams.

A number of the parks contain children’s play equipment which has been provided by the Parish Council working in partnership with St. Helens Borough Council. In 1999 two new sets of children’s play equipment were installed at a total cost of £70,000 with the Parish Council contributing £15,000. In 2000/2001 a further two sets of children’s play equipment were installed with the Parish Council contributing a further £15,000 towards the cost.

The village has numerous voluntary organisations that provide social and cultural activities for residents. A number of organisations exist to cater for the welfare of residents ranging from children’s play groups to senior citizen’s clubs. The village also has three long established theatre groups. Many of these organisations meet in the spacious village hall.

The education facilities in Rainhill consist of a nursery school, four primary schools and a high school. Parish Councillors serve on the governing bodies of all schools. The Parish Council has a commitment to work with the schools in improving the environment of Rainhill by making funds available for this purpose.