Good Citizenship

Good Citizenship

Rainhill Parish Council administers these awards on behalf of the residents of Rainhill. Nominations are not made by the Council, but are put forward by local residents and organisations.

Here is a list of all previous winners.


2020 Winners

Type of award Name of Recipient
GCA Dave Perryman
GCA ‘Social Inclusion’ Jessica Benyon
GCA ‘Social Inclusion’ Jessica McDonald
GCA ‘Social Inclusion’ Jessica Naylor
GCA Joan Gorbutt
GCA ‘Respect’ Alan Ellington
GCA Vera McCale
GCA ‘Social Inclusion’ Rachel Naylor
GCA Sheila Jones
GCA ‘Social Inclusion’ Sara Barlow


2019 Winners

Type of award Name of Recipient
Normal Christine Dempsey
Normal Avril Lesley Gaskell
Normal Brian J Heydon
Team Award (Community) Joan Doyle
Team Award (Community) Jean Smith
Team Award (Respect) Judith Parr
Team Award (Respect) Ann Riley
Team Award (Social Inclusion) Barbara Mansley
Team Award (Social Inclusion) Enid Seddon
Special Recognition Award Ruth Althea Doyle


Previous Years

Year Good Citizen
2018 Maria Heaton
2018 Brenda Farrell
2018 Nicola Hughes
2017 Sheila Cowley
2017 Margaret Doyle
2017 Anita Hoey
2017 Reg Mitchell
2017 Kevin Wilkes
2017 Helen Wood
2016 Margaret Blackburn
2016 Edna North
2016 Joan Owen
2016 Rainhill Eco Group
2015 Derek Cleveland
2015 Peter Graham
2015 James Johnson
2015 Chris Tigwell
2013 Moira Dickinson
2013 Anne Jones
2013 Mary (May) Medwell
2013 Malcolm Steward
2012 Bill Humphreys
2012 Colin Oldfield
2012 Allen Walpole
2011 Derek Houghton
2010 Margaret Fairclough
2010 Maureen Monaghan
2010 Judy Lowe
2010 Ros Tigwell
2009 Eunice Benson
2009 Margaret Ailsa Clive
2009 Gerald Farley
2009 Pam Farmer
2009 Anne Slater
2009 Rainhill Gala Committee
2006 Kathleen Ball
2006 Doug Brown
2006 Ann Case
2006 Eric Rothwell
2005 Kenneth Andrews
2005 Patricia Brown
2005 Stella Johnstone
2005 Barbara Whitley
2003 Sheila Cropper
2003 Betty Nixon
2003 Warren Ryland
2002 Matthew Gilsenan
2002 Michelle Lewis MBE
2002 Mollie Marsh
2002 June Tinnion
2001 Albert Fellowes
2001 Moira Griffiths
2001 Marjorie Jackson
2001 Harry Whitfield