Good Citizenship Award 2020

In 2001 the Parish Council introduced a “Good Citizenship Award”. The award has been a great success and has rightly recognised those individuals who contribute so much to our communities across Rainhill. The Parish Council to seek nominations for the 2020 “Good Citizenship Award”.
The Rainhill Parish Council Members wish to add an additional Good Citizenship Award category just for this year, to recognise the work of an individual or group who have shown exceptional leadership and or support for the Rainhill Community during Covid 19. Any resident, young person, voluntary organisation, or indeed individual members of organisations maymake nominations provided the official nomination form is used. We welcome the nomination of individuals including young people who have made an outstanding contribution towards enriching the social, cultural, and recreational life of residents of Rainhill. We are looking for those unsung heroes of our community who by their actions enrich the lives of Rainhill residents. We are looking for the ordinary person or young person across our communities who puts in a special effort to help a neighbour who may be sick or infirm or works for the general good of our communities. All that we ask is that you ensure any nomination you make is a worthy nomination and is fully supported by comprehensive details of what the person or young person has done.

The closing date for nominations is 13th November 2020 but do please make early nominations. Please click on link below for more information and an application form.

Final Nomination Form 2020 2021